Satta Matka Rules – Play & Win Every Day|Cr Pati101|

Satta Matka Rules – Play & Win Every Day|Cr Pati101|

Satta Matka Rules – Play & Win Every Day|Cr Pati101|

Do you wish to learn Matka and learn Matka chart reading? You have come to the right place! If you’re a beginner and wondering how to play Matka , this is the only guide you will ever need. The rules are so simple by the end of this article you are sure to come out a pro! In this guide, we will also include the name of best Matka website that updates Matka result and Matka open, close, jodi, panel, and sangam every day. Apart from all of this, we will also be talking about an exclusive betting option Matka lay provided on Cr Pati101, one of a kind betting option in India. Open matka mystery, you will learn matka, learn matka chart, through matkalay, you will taste the sweetness of matka result in Cr Pati101!

Matka Rules

Matka gambling, also known as Satta Matka, is a lottery-based betting game. To win, players must correctly guess two random numbers between 0 and 9. But there's more to the story. There are seven types of bets in traditional Satta Matka : Half Sangam, Sangam, Single (Ank), Single Patti/Pana, Double Patti/Pana, Triple Patti/Pana and Jodi

Single (Ank) :

Single digit numbers range from zero to nine. In Hindi, singles are also known as Ank. There are ten singles: 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9.


Jodi’s are two-digit numbers ranging from 00 to 99. In some areas, Jodi's are also known as Pair/Bracket. There are a hundred Jodis.


Panas are three-digit numbers ranging from 000 to 999. In some areas, it is also known as Patti, Panel, or Panna. Please keep in mind that not all triple digit numbers are pana's. There are 1,000 triple digit numbers, but only 220 of them are known as Pana's. Pana's format is constantly expanding (ascending order) 123 is a pana, but 231 / 132 / 213 / 312 are not. When you arrange a thousand potential triple digit numbers in ascending order, you get only 220 distinct numbers. As a result, 220 Pana's. For example, when the numbers 123, 132, 213, 231, 312, 321 are arranged in ascending order, they produce the same range, i.e. 123.

Single Pana:

Single panas are panas in which no two numbers are the same. There are a total of 120 Single Panas. For example, 123 represents Single Pana and 224 represents Double Pana. Format: X

Double Pana:

Double Panas are panas with at least two consecutive numbers that are the same. There are 90 Double Panas. For example, 224 denotes Double Pana and 123 denotes Single Pana. Format: X=Y

Triple Pana:

Triple Panas are panas in which all three numbers are the same. There are ten Triple Panas in total. For example, 333 is a Triple Pana. Format: X=Y=Z

Half Sangams:

Half Sangams are created by combining Singles and Panas. There are approximately 4400 half Sangams. Half Sangams come in two varieties: As an example, in result (123-67-124) (half Sangam A), we call it HSA A Combination of Open Pana and Close Single (123-7) (half Sangam B), we call it HSB A Combination of Open Single and Close Pana (6-124).


Sangams are formed by combining Open Pana with Close Pana Both Open Pana and Close Pana should pass in combination to get a Sangam payout. For example, in result 123-(61)-678, 123-678 is the Sangam.

Matka Lay:

There is also an 8th betting option provided only on Cr Pati101 which is Matka lay. Lay your bet means bet for something not to happen. This bet refers to betting against an outcome. In this scenario, you bet on a specific outcome to not happen. People go for lay because it is easier to win and you can secure your profits no matter what the result is. So you can make both bets on a number to come and on the very same number not to come! By offering a “lay”-bet you get a double chance bet. Each Matka game has two parts: an opening and a closing. You can bet on either the opening or closing part or both (total result). Please keep in mind that certain bet types may be unavailable depending on the phase you select. For example, you cannot bet a jodi, sangam, or half sangam on the closing part. Such bets must be placed prior to the opening of the draw. You can only place single, single patti, double patti, and triple patti bets if you choose the open or close part. In the offline mode, you must write your desired numbers and bet types on a lottery ticket and pay the bet amount in cash. The date and time of the draw would be printed on the ticket. Payments should be made using banking methods such as credit and debit cards, e-wallets, or cryptocurrencies in the online mode. Cr Pati101 is the best platform to play online Satta Matka . Cr Pati101 platform is mobile and user friendly. Hence, navigating through Cr Pati101 website is as easy as learning numerics. Cr Pati101 offers an online matka play app that works on both android and ios platforms. Cr Pati101 has a fantastic website which serves a various range of matka play markets and games that are backed by the best matka game owners.

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