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Cr Pati101 is an innovative 7 different games! E game product of Cr Pati101 is extremely wonderful. Cr Pati101 are aiming to provide players high quality service. E-game provided in the site is a wonderful space to find different games of your choice as well as something new of your fantasy. E game is divided into 3 catagory parts first is AE PLAY second is AE and third is JDB. All three sections are awesome and full of games. Inside these three parts there are total 265 games. AE PLAY-105 GAMES AE-78 GAMES JDB-82 GAMES All games available of Cr Pati101 are really amazing. You can play them all and earn with joy. All of them are super easy and profitable. For example :There is a game Candy Dreams available in AE PLAY section. If someone likes arced games they can play it. Its super easy candy game. There are different types of candies shown in the screen board and player have to match 3 same types candies in a row to eliminate them. Player have to eliminate all the candies on board in the given time. Is you accomplish the game successfully you will win the promised amount from the game. You can withdraw all the amount to your bank account easily In case you have any questions or need any help you can contact to Customer support in live chat. Service is available from- 8:00 am to 11:30 pm.

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