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Welcome Bonus

2023/01/18 ~ 2024/02/29

First Deposit 200 get 30%.
Max 8001.
Need reach wagering 10X.
Needs to apply at the week when you deposited.
If expired you can't apply
(Bonus can't play SPORT games)


VIP Welcome Bonus

time limit: 2023/02/11 ~ 2026/02/28

First deposit can get 100%.
Minimum deposit 1000.
Deposit 1000 get 2000.
Wagering: 30X.
Bonus up to 30000.
Can't play match odds, bookmaker.Needs to apply at the week when you deposited, if expired you can't apply #Please Enter the deposit amount to apply.


Sport Welcome Bonus

2023/01/29 ~ 2024/02/29

Minimum deposit 500 can get 150%.
Wagering 25X.
Bonus up to 20000.
(Only can bet on 9W Premium Cricket. Fancy Bet)
(Can't bet on match odds, bookmaker)


Cricket Hot Sport Deposit Bonus

time limit: 2023/01/30 ~ 2024/02/29

Deposit 1k - 5k Get 10%.
Wagering needs to reach 5X.
Deposit above 6k Get 15%.
Wagering needs to reach 5X.
Bonus up to 2000.
(Only can bet on 9W Cricket Premium Cricket. Fancy Bet)
(Can't bet on match odds, bookmaker)


Special Deposit Bonus

time limit: 2023/01/18 ~ 2024/02/29

Deposit at least 1000.
can get 150 (15%).
Bonus up to 8000.
need reach wagering 15X.
(Bonus can't play Sport / KM / Lottery / SLOT)


Slot welcome bonus

time limit: 2023/02/07 ~ 2024/03/31

Minimum deposit 500 can get 150%.
Wagering 30X.
Bonus up to 30000.
Only can play slot.


Friday Casino Day

time limit: 2023/01/08 ~ 2024/02/29

At least need to deposit 1000 per time to get 30% bonus.
Bonus up to 10000.
Can't bet on Sport & Kingmaker.
Wagering needs to reach 10x for withdrawl.


Weekend Sport Bonus

time limit: 2023/01/08 ~ 2024/02/29

Deposit every Saturday and Sunday, minimum deposit 20000 can get 30% bonus for each deposit 10 X wagering.
Each deposit only can apply for one offer.
Bonus up to 30000


Diamond VIP Level

time limit: 2023/02/06 ~ 2025/03/29

Diamond VIP Level Lucky God List
. Member whose loss amount over than 100K can get 5000 (5%) points.
Maximum bonus up to 10000.
*Only diamond VIP level member can apply this bonus.


Happy Casino Hour

time limit: 2023/03/01 ~ 2024/03/31

Minimum deposit 1500 can get 25%.
Bonus up to 15000.
Wagering 25X.
*Only can apply within 5 pm. to 8 pm.
*Only can play casino.

What is Dragon Tiger game?

Dragon Tiger game Online offers an exciting card game experience that is accessible to players of any level. The standard deck used for this game is easy to understand, and the rounds are fast-paced and last around 25 seconds. Unlike many other card games, relying on statistics won't guarantee success as even the most experienced player might have difficulty predicting which side will win. Instead, gut feeling can be key as it encourages players to trust their intuition over probability.

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Where can play Dragon Tiger game?


Dragon Tiger game is an exciting card game that can make an easy pastime even more enjoyable. With its uncomplicated rules, anyone who loves playing cards can enjoy trying their luck at dealing out the victory! If you'd like to play without leaving your home, Crpati online casino is the ideal place for you. You can also benefit from its extensive selection of games including the Dragon Tiger game game with very high winning rates. What's more, when you win, the rewards are incredibly rich and can be redeemed with ease. So go ahead and give Dragon Tiger game on Crpati a spin - you won't regret it!

play How to play?


STEP1 Open Crpati and register

Playing Dragon Tiger game is easy and entertaining! All it takes is a few clicks to create your account on Crpati and you can start playing right away. Thanks to its user-friendly interface, the navigation between the different games is effortless.

Click here to register

STEP2 Choose your bet

After registering and entering the game, you will instantly notice the gaming table that looks just like those at an actual casino. You can choose the bet you would like to place and then select the amount depending on your level of comfort.


STEP3 Choose the range you want to bet on

Once you've decided to partake in the game, the next step is figuring out exactly how you want to go about betting.Do you have a feeling that Dragon is going to be the victor this time? Or perhaps Tiger looks more promising? Maybe you're feeling lucky and are willing to risk it all on a tie?


It's exciting to play Dragon Tiger game!

Playing Dragon Tiger game is a game of quick decisions and high stakes, as players are betting on whether their card will be higher than the dealer's. It's an incredibly fast-paced game that doesn't require any strategy - it's just a matter of luck - and players can rest assured that they won't have to compete against each other. To spice things up even more, many casinos offer a 'suited tie' option which generally promises players higher payouts. Ultimately, gambling in Dragon Tiger game combines the thrill of intense betting action with the comfort of knowing it's all down to chance.


Tips for playing - bet on the side with the most wins when the time o'clock.

Veteran gamblers have long known that the unpredictable nature of Dragon Tiger game can make it a challenging game to win. However, one surefire strategy for increasing your odds of success is by monitoring the number of wins on each side and making your bet accordingly - always choose the side with more wins from the previous hour.

Betting Odds Odds
DRAGON 1 60.6
TIGER 1 65.4
TIE 11 2.27
SUTTED TIE 50 0.54

The truth of this tips?

You might be thinking: Is this real? Could it be just a coincidence? In order to solve your doubts, we actually tested it and found that betting on the side with more wins on the hour is actually easier to win. Maybe you are still skeptical, but give it a try and maybe you will gain something new!

video How to register on Crpati?

  • Step1 : Click the register button on the top right.
  • Step2 : Enter a username that must contain 5-16 letters and numbers.
  • Step3 : Enter a password that must contain at least 6 letters and numbers.
  • Step4 : Enter a phone number of correct format. Enter the referral code, if you don’t have one, then it is no need to enter.
  • Step5 : Enter the given verification code. Click the box to agree to Terms & Conditions. Then click the register button.
  • Step6 : You should confirm your personal information once again. After that, click the confirm button.

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